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Project Description
Project Alkali's goal is to build upon and create an advanced, expandable, and customizeable 2D Tile based RPG engine based on the XNA RPGStarter Kit. Eventually the project will include all tools to aid in development of assets and modifications

Latest News

Initial publish of Project Alkali!

Changes, additions, bugs, etc:

Current changes to the Starter kit:
  • Particle System implemented! Mercury Particle Engine (v3.1) has been implemented into the project. Currently only spells have the particles attached, but soon the tiles, items, characters, etc will have them. The spells have generic / debug particles so don't be surprised if they look a bit odd :)
  • Active combat. Team turn based removed. This system is more like Final Fantasy. All combatants have a turn timer that will eventually be affected by stats, items, magical spells, etc. Once a turn timer triggers you can "queue" that combatants turn orders and they will cast / act in order. This system is more engaging and fast paced!
  • Level based Loot Tables. Loot is now controlled by both loot tables and the standard gear drop control. Both the loot tables and the gear drop tables can be controlled by character levels
  • Animated tile system added! The base layer can have multiple (no set limit) animated tile sheets for use with animated tiles (ie: ocean water). The other layers are simple to update, just haven't updated them yet :) The first map is the only map to use this system, so crossing into other maps will crash. Feel free to update the others!
  • Multiple tilesets per layer. Utilizing the same system for animated tiles you can add any number of extra tile sets to the map files. But as above this is only implemented for the base layer, the fringe and object layers are quite easy I just haven't done them yet.
  • The character planks in combat have been replaced with health and MP meters.

What's being worked on now
  • Additional layers being supported, Up to ten layers for added detail to your world!
  • Triple leveled maps, so you can have bridges and overpasses etc (increasing the total layers per map to 30)
  • Alpha controlled object layers for terrain blending
  • A Tile editor that will support editing portals, auto-gen tiles for rounded and blended looks, alpha object layers, etc (Hoping to use Nandosoft's excellent Tile editor :))
  • Moving AI on map.
  • Particles added to the map
  • Mini map system

On the horizon:
  • Scripted AI movement and events tiles.
  • Cinematic style cutscenes (basically using the same engine just scripting the movements and speech of characters, think FFVI/III).
  • Editors for AI, Items, etc
  • Support for animated items and advanced spell systems (think FF espers, materia).
  • Multiple quest lines at once, multiple selectable quests and world altering quest events.

Known issues:
  • Not a lot of Project Alkali comment markers in the code
  • Defend in the combat system doesn't work due to the active combat system.
  • All combat timers for monsters and characters are placeholders and not balanced!
  • All loot tables for monster point to one loot table (major magic potion! :)).
- Map01 is the only usable map, it's the only one updated to use the new animation and multiple tileset system

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